Rigid bar droplight production details, as the salt of life

by:Rongde     2020-08-27
The importance of the light don't have to say more, just the right amount of light to make a movie more often give prize, about the arrangement of lamplight, the focus of indoor decoration and droplight overwhelmingly in the first place, every life situation should match the corresponding light atmosphere only then to be perfect, sounds troubles is not complicated. In the hustle and bustle of city life, people increasingly go contracted, atmospheric way of life, this concept is reflected in the household design. Sometimes a simple design in the whole household can appear 'dot eyeball' action. Not all of the bar are connected to the kitchen, it can also appear in the living room, as a corner of the scenery, can and the whole of the room decoration is tie-in, can also be designed to do not provide craftsmanship, show master's unique taste. The weather gradually hot, use the bar to simple dinner outside. Because the first is the result of the bar bartender, so even if the bar to the family, also more or less still bring some material little emotional appeal. Two people sat, through the lamplight of the sitting room, candlelight, the bar is small but it is not appear drab, transparent glass, exquisite dishes, as if to return to the wild old time when I was young. Bar without adornment of the sitting room, can appear very abrupt. So small stage adornment also is very exquisite, mesa is not wide, put more furnishing articles take up the position was not an option, or add a bar droplight. Chandeliers size selection is often neglected problems, no matter how perfect interior collocation, the harmony of the room will be damaged by wrong droplight length and size. From the height, the most common room for 2 commonly. 6 to 2. 8 meters, the length of the chandelier + line is less than 30 cm form the space ratio is most appropriate. The height lower room is more suitable for using a combination of dome light + floor lamp, otherwise it will affect the line of sight. Aestheticism creative modelling, to maximize the visual perception, inheritance of the classic space texture, dash out subtle fashion new feeling. Break the traditional concept, leading the fashion trend, give yourself a more the design of the temperature, bring a person more soft and comfortable warmth. Behind every product, has a demanding details, add a few minutes for the life taste.
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