Restaurant decor is very important, choose droplight is crucial!

by:Rongde     2020-09-27
Now people more and more attention to the family decoration, not only want to buy a nice house, but also a good decoration. In house decoration, restaurant decoration is very important, choose droplight is crucial! Can affect the effect in the restaurant, now a lot of style droplight, how should choose?

restaurant droplight to domestic outfit style matching
now decorate a style is more and more diversified, so the choice of restaurant droplight with home decorate a style to match, such as your home decorate a style is Chinese style, droplight should be selected to try the restaurant, such as red, with Chinese flavor. Such as European style decoration, choose black and white ash of contracted type droplight, if it is a Japanese style, choose simple yellow, white, or pale blue is good too. If they are American, you can choose a complicated droplight, anyway have to with integral collocation, can appear otherwise very abrupt.

color choices can affect appetite
the color of the restaurant droplight is also key, in general, to create a warm dining atmosphere, it is best to choose the droplight with yellow light, but some wants bright, can't dim, otherwise what could no longer see clip! If you have any old man live in the home, can choose the color changing lights droplight, old man or should choose white bright lights, because they are usually not very good eyesight, need a brighter light.

can mix with new feeling
the choice of restaurant droplight, now there are many kinds of, in addition to a complete droplight, mix build, can we do to be a smaller droplight, choose more a few, to mix and match. Three or six, such as medium to mix build, with a gradient feeling, or three color mix build, build the feeling of color, also can build a kind of atmosphere. Or that kind of modelling droplight, several combinations, such as stars, the moon and the sun, or a combination of different collection shape modelling, and vegetables, according to your own design, tie-in and new feeling, let a person feel shine at the moment.

choose droplight must have quality assurance
restaurant is an important activity in the family, work in a day early, here are so droplight must choose good quality, the Internet has a lot of very cheap, must not blind to choose, and droplight is hanging on the head, so be sure to have quality assurance. So it's best to regular store inside to see, the scene to see the quality of the chandelier, later have what problem, it is better to solve. If it is in the shop to buy, want to choose a big brand, big manufacturer's flagship store, want to see more bought the user's evaluation, so that even have quality problems, after will be more professional, just send it back and forth, or more troublesome.
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