Restaurant bar bar installation droplight with the distance of the ground level

by:Rongde     2020-08-25
The restaurant if choose droplight background light source, the bar then according to the height of the room, the height of the table to determine the size of the bar and restaurant droplight ride height. Most of the chandelier hanging wire is fixed, the bar can adjust good length before installation, general droplight should the bar and table located about 55 - — — 60 centimeters. If you want to timely adjust the bar height of droplight, can also choose to have the lamps and lanterns of lifting gear. The bar droplight is under a vertical hanging from the ceiling lamp, there are fixed type and telescopic two kinds. Fixed bar the height of droplight cannot change after installation, but telescopic droplight can the bar. At ordinary times when using the lamp height adjustment to the appropriate location, light can be moved to when not in use close to the ceiling, spin the height of the room, so the telescopic droplight is particularly suited to low the bar's house. It is important to note that the bar the ride height of droplight directly affects the light range, high space appear drab, too low will cause oppressive feeling, therefore, need to ensure that the bar droplight in mess of apparent horizontal line. In addition, in order to avoid the food in the projection of the light shadow, droplight should be installed in the table above the bar. Bar bar chandeliers and the distance of the ground height: now on the market of the bar droplight, pattern of new style is also emerge in endlessly, general droplight the installation height of the bar is the best in the distance from the ground 1. 8 m to 2. About 2 m. The bar bar droplight with height between the bar: crystal chandelier height from the top down the bar and the distance between the mesa is 30 cm to 50 cm. Flat floor bar bar chandelier installation height: flat layer are two tall buildings. 7 meters or so, decorated, clear height is 2. Around 65, so the crystal droplight of the bar height between 30 cm from the top down to 50 cm more appropriate. Double entry building bar bar chandelier installation height: look at the sitting room is the top pick empty height to decide, the sitting room storey height is only 2. 6 m under the condition of the bar is droplight, under normal circumstances the bar chandelier bottom lamp 2 off the ground. 2 - 3. 0 m is more appropriate.
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