Resolve how to choose the content value of continental full copper lamp

by:Rongde     2020-09-16
There is no denying the fact that in the past few years the whole Europe type style of copper lamp do old effect cannot be accepted by most Chinese people, as the Chinese people in recent years, and raising the level of understanding the designers of products constantly improved, european-style full copper lamp also gradually accepted by people and widely application, european-style full copper lamp is not only in appearance to satisfy the aesthetic needs of each consumer, from the use of time to each big sellers save a good sum of expenses. It is understood that the European full copper lamp material basically is finished with bronze, this makes the European copper lamp will not rust, long service life than ordinary lamps and lanterns, then due to the complexity of whole copper lamp fabrication process, procedure, copper is in short supply and the price is high, so some manufacturers in order to reduce the cost in manufacture the copper lamp when choose only used in local copper, it will greatly reduce the quality of the whole copper lamp and service life, as a buyer, how do we pick out in the whole copper lamp in the sea really worth European copper lamp.

a, listen to the voice, see
color electroplating technology is applied to make imitation bronze lamps and lanterns in Europe type is more in the whole copper lamp industry, which is relatively cheap material such as iron and zinc alloy after more than two color, the effect to be such a while and copper material is similar, but to master the skill of observing or can tell, the entire real copper lamps and lanterns is made after the color, we use eyes to observe it, it passes the brass metallic simple sense. The texture is other materials and process cannot be achieved. In addition, when we use a stick knock if ringing sound shows it is copper, or conversely.

2, surface treatment of
as a fully copper lamp, can wear well, the key lies in the surface treatment is in place. Some manufacturers in order to save the cost to eliminate the pickling, such as color of black, throwing process. Will be closed good material directly mixed with good color of polishing oil stain. Its effect is that the surface aging fast, closed oil will soon fall off. Discrimination method is very simple, find some marginal oil accumulation place, take a look at the color of the product oil is dark yellow, if so, that is the color of pure color product rather than the normal production process.

, attentively complete lamp!
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