Repair machine low family bedroom collocation glass dome light more praise

by:Rongde     2020-09-22
Often have clients and we say home is suite, belongs to the low door, decorate choose lamp very distressed, worry about the height is too low, the bedroom don't know how to match the lamps and lanterns, so many styles, choose to choose to have no favourites, today small make up secretly tell you a low door model the bedroom lamps and lanterns decorate collocation machine carefully.

we must first size according to your own bedroom, the bedroom decorates a style to choose the right style. General area in 10 - The bedroom of 15 square, can choose the design is simple and easy glass dome light, 40 cm in diameter is ok, just the right size, simple glass dome light and small bedroom match up and feel very warm and natural, also can appear the space is bigger on the vision, there would be no depressive feeling.

this SX06053 - like ours 04 is contracted style of whole copper glass dome light, modelling is simple, without trival adornment, bronzing borders and white frosted glass is tie-in, simple without losing the atmosphere, very suitable for installation in the bedroom, 56 cm in diameter, height of 15 cm. The whole copper glass dome light and the size of the different size, can choose according to the actual situation of the specifications of the need.

if you want to learn more to decorate machine carefully, can be directly dial the hotline: free of charge.

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