Read the whole soldering technology of copper solder glass lamp

by:Rongde     2020-09-15
About the related characteristics of the copper solder glass lamps, as well as its origin, the author introduce related in previous posts. Recently, many consumer call asking about the glass solder light soldering process related problems, the author has given to the answers. Will now be the author of the soldering process of solder glass lamp relevant answer is as follows:

it is no exaggeration to say, all the copper solder glass lamp is one of an important part of the process. It is also decided the copper solder glass lamp quality stand or fall of the key. What kind of soldering process is the best, but for consumers has always been a puzzle. Because, in the sales terminals, shoppers tend to some misleading.

in fact, to judge the stand or fall of a full copper solder glass lamp is a very simple and easy, it is mainly from the following several aspects.

the first level off is smooth, tin road. A good quality copper solder glass lamp, it tin road is relatively flat, smooth. In addition to some issues because of the structure where the pile of tin, surfacing, the tin road not too many ups and downs.

the second, no leakage phenomenon of tin. Watch glass soldering tin lamp whether leak, one of the most simple way is from the copper solder glass lamp external observation, see tin solder outflow phenomenon is visual without leakage.

3, no. Light-leaking phenomenon for two reasons, because of all the copper solder glass lampshade this attachment points out because of the insufficient solder light-leaking; Another because of solder glass lampshade toward the side of smallpox because not in a plane can also cause.

4, no virtual welding. Virtual welding can be said to be the big fear of whole copper solder glass lamp. It is easy to cause the entire glass solder chimney fall and cause some unnecessary secondary disaster. Whether the virtual welding can be observed by the naked eye the tin road and connection between the chimney is paste to judge.

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