Quietly tell you the whole copper european-style lamp selection skills

by:Rongde     2020-09-22
Europe type desk lamp, is one kind of lamps and lanterns, mainly placed on a desk or table, to be used for lighting. Europe type desk lamp light irradiation range is relatively small and concentrated, and thus will not affect the whole room light, role limitations around the desk lamp, easy to read, study, save energy, all the copper lamp and a lamp use material is brass, its characteristic is simple sense is good, high appreciation value and collection value, all copper lamp here has made the best of both worlds.

1。 Desktop illumination requirements

european-style lamp work area should be lx - 250 500 lx, minimum intensity of illumination should be & ge; 120l

2. Illumination uniformity requirements

shall ensure that the work area by the European lamp, intensity of illumination is relatively uniform, does not produce bright or dark spot in particular, only to ensure that the optical performance of the three basic requirements, to reduce the fatigue of eyes, can be called is a writing desk lamp.

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