Quietly tell you the secret of Europe type wall lamp installation

by:Rongde     2020-08-31
Most of the household decorates in addition to install the lamp, again tie-in wall lamp of Europe type for auxiliary lighting, wall lamp is a tool for indoor and outdoor used for auxiliary lighting, so it is advisable to ou how much the height of the wall lamp is installed?

Europe type wall lamp is divided into outdoor and indoor, outdoor wall lamp is generally refers to the installation in the hallway, garden and outdoor outdoor space. Usually the installation of outdoor wall lamp height is 1 horizon. The position of the eight meters high. Indoor wall lamp, is generally installed in the indoor one horizon. 7 - 1. The position of the eight meters high. At the same time indoor wall lamp and roughly divided into the bedroom wall lamp, wall lamp, sitting room corridors aisle wall lamp type, etc.

bedroom the head of a bed wall lamp installation height of 1 horizon. 4 - 1. 7 meters, the study wall lamp installation height of floor, 2240 - 2265 mm, then the light radiation within the range is just cover face. The head of a bed wall lamp installation height and is different from indoor wall lamp installation height of other space. Head of a bed wall lamp general installation at ground zero. 6 - 1. 0 meters between.

overall European wall lamp installation height should be conducive to the horizontal line of sight of owner, no lighting or auxiliary role, wall lamp height are generally slightly higher than their height is advisable.
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