Put condole top due to installation location

by:Rongde     2020-08-28
Many installation droplight or seen citizens of droplight should know, when installing a chandelier, will first chandelier panel will be removed. Under normal circumstances, the chandelier panel either have a rotating card buckle or assembling is fixed, and the card buckle fixed part and assembly are glass. So, should pay attention to when open, in order to avoid the chandelier broken or cut the fingers. Droplight basic version installed on the ceiling. Because prior to a fixed, so after the owner could do with a pencil in metope first tag, and then take away the base, then use electric drill in drilling tag position, should pay attention to the hole diameter and buried depth and bolt specifications. After, put the base back to the desired location, can be fixed. Now in the market sales, wrought iron chandelier, mostly adopts full lead, wrought iron. The content of lead oxide in more than 30% to ensure the transparency of wrought iron; Tell from the plane, rules, level off, smooth, angular plane is the guarantee of wrought iron refraction effect; In addition, wrought iron good no bubble, crack and impurities. Accordingly, consumer is when the choose and buy from above several aspects, and observe the transparency of wrought iron or view data on lead content; Touch the plane surface and section of edges and corners; View the presence of impurities such as bubbles, etc.
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