Professional non-standard custom manufacturer of lamps and lanterns a recruit decorate color essential points

by:Rongde     2020-07-26
House decorate very not good-looking, then look at the whole pack what color, decorate color coordination and have a lamp that suitable non-standard customized lamps and lanterns, the decoration of the house was perfect. Then this article is of particular interest to share with you the every family topic, is how to decorate good house colour, zhongshan lamps lighting taught everyone below a recruit house decorate ; Decorate color of nine treasure dian, super practical, we feel very reasonable must remember to collect oh, this article definitely help to all of you in the future.

the first: the space must not exceed 3 kinds of color, the color white, black is not.
the second: gold, silver foil can be with any color, does not include yellow, silver gray.
article 3: in the absence of designers to guide, household zui color gray is: wall, light, furniture.
article 4: the kitchen do not use warm color attune, yellow color.
article 5: killed also don't the floor tile of dark green.
6: resolute don't put the different material but the color of the same material together, otherwise, you will be half of the opportunity to make mistakes. Article 7:
want to make lively and modern household atmosphere, then you don't choose those with big flower flower ( Except plant) Try to use plain coloured design.
article 8: the color of the ceiling must shallow at metope or the same color with metope. When the metope color is dark, the ceiling must use light color. The color of the ceiling is white or the same as color with metope. Article 9 of
: space throughout the closed, must use the same color scheme; Different closed space, can use different color scheme.

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