Phase out incandescent light years province 48 billion KWH

by:Rongde     2021-01-24
'application of the 1100 sets of tsinghua tongfang hownet building energy-saving lamps and lanterns, power saving rate is 32. 9%, investment payback period is 1. In 75. In commercial buildings and public buildings at present the whole base of 210 billion KWH for measuring indoor lighting, such as improving the efficiency of lamps and lanterns, can reduce 30% of lighting energy consumption, there are almost 40 billion KWH saving space. ” Recently, the national energy conservation center in Beijing 'efficient lighting power-saving technology practice case & throughout; Conference. Ring from the National Development and Reform Commission Jiang Bingrong said, there are 1. 4 billion incandescent lamp in our country, if all the LED energy-saving lamps, will be able to power saving 48 billion KWH/year. Tsui said, deputy director of the national energy conservation center in the National Development and Reform Commission of China to phase out incandescent light bulb, speed up the promotion of energy-saving lamps throughout the project &; Support, the national energy conservation center developed 10 efficient lighting power-saving technology practice case. Such as' the application of high power LED lighting lamps and lanterns at the chang 'an grand theatre stage & throughout; After case, LED stage lights, light fell by 83%, brightness is doubled, the stage at a much lower temperature, air conditioning energy consumption and operation maintenance cost down, stage greatly improve the comfort and safety; 'since the lamps and lanterns that move light LED application in the public area lighting & throughout; Case, the corridor, underground garage in hebei province department of education and other public all converted into LED lighting area from the light, to lights, people go lamp dark mute automatic control, comprehensive energy saving rate was 90. 3%, the investment capital is recovered in 2 years. And the Beijing underground garage lighting in about 500 million KWH electricity, such as all transformed into LED intelligent light, section 4. 500 million KWH. It is reported, 2010 lighting electricity of our country has reached 13% of electricity in the whole society. Predictably, the future demand of lighting in China still has a strong growth trend.
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