Parsing the porch all copper chandelier feng shui for you

by:Rongde     2020-08-31
Most people use porch will choose half full copper dome light or full copper chandelier will be in the majority, in fact, if house floors high, full copper chandelier is a very good choice, today, parse the porch all copper chandelier feng shui for you.

the light color of copper chandelier porch

porch lights are generally pay attention to light color, feng shui is the use of color changes in temperature between the change. Color match in living in five lines of attention focused on the collocation of changes in temperature. Because of the household is given priority to with sun be the spirit, so the color of lamp act the role ofing should also select warm light. In addition, in the seven colors of the spectrum, red, orange, yellow light is warm light. The green, green, blue and purple is cold light source, cold light source can make the person produces a sense of mystery, dream. Lamp act the role ofing colors should be based on the sun be the spirit is given priority to, surrounding with proper white illuminant.

the style of copper chandelier porch choose

1. Classical copper chandelier, all has the classic lasting appeal, simple and has the connotation, at the same time also has a great effect, can promote the master's business.
2. Fashionable whole copper chandelier, design novel, contemporary feeling strong, can help others progress and push money.
3. Full copper chandelier crystal material is qualitative, not only elegant and showily, a dazzling star, but also have the function of the prosperous wealth, flourishing home aura.

the installation quantity of copper chandelier porch

porch lights believe in feng shui, porch is the number of lamps and lanterns is good with singular, if it is to shoot the light flat light, so to avoid three lights. Otherwise will be similar to the three incense, forming good moral.

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