Outdoor wall lamp installation considerations

by:Rongde     2020-09-22
Now people pursuit of perfection, a lot of families like in a small corner of the wall lamp installation, many outdoor wall lamp high-end atmosphere grade, it not only can be used as a lighting but also can be used as ornaments, so the outdoor wall lamp is a good choice, after a lot of people buy back but don't know how to install. There are many kinds of wall lamp installation method, outdoor wall lamp is installed, what are the considerations?

1, the structure of the outdoor wall lamp should adapt to the environment of the installation site, had better choose closed switch, for outdoor will often have rain insolation, if should choose waterproof switch porcelain in damp environment. Outdoor wall lamp switch is usually served on door or other site to operation.

2, all copper outdoor wall lamp switch operating mechanism should be flexible, lightweight, its actions are done by instantaneous conversion mechanism. In addition to the pull switch and double throw switch, the on and off all of the contacts should be clearly marked.
3, all copper along the high from the ground under the outdoor wall lamp is 1. 8 - Outdoor wall lamp installation height of 2 meters, all may not be the same, but the same outdoor wall lamp on the wall height should be consistent to teach to be coordinated.
4, all outdoor wall lamp in copper should combining wiring mode selection switch type. Ming fu wiring, should choose pull switch, both economic and safety. Dark apply wiring, should with the wiring, such as dark wiring can choose embedded dark outfit the keys inside the wall switch.
5, the whole copper outdoor wall lamp cord switch wire insulation rope should be adopted, the length of not less than 1. 5 m, drawing institutions and pull on the rope to a 98 n ( Cows) The force of 1 meter should not be a failure.

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