Outdoor garden light lightning protection knowledge you learned

by:Rongde     2020-09-16
Courtyard lamp belongs to a kind of outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns, widely used in square, private garden, landscape area, garden light played a decorative effect in the daytime, when night fell, garden lamp and embodiment of stars have played an important role in lighting. Due to the courtyard lamp is placed in the outdoor, due to the particularity of the position, especially in the thunderstorm weather, courtyard lamp of lightning protection knowledge is indispensable. Outdoor garden light ShanQi general by lightning protection facilities, the device, grounding device of three parts.

1, connect a ShanQi:
now generally outdoor garden light is conductor material, itself is the equivalent of a lightning rod, namely ShanQi. So when lightning occurs around the light pole again, if there is no higher than light pole conductor ( Trees, etc. ) In neighboring light pole, light pole ontology can guide lightning and the device, the lightning grounding device to underground, avoid the equipment damage and personal safety accident.

2, the device:
as a result of the courtyard lamp light pole made and hot dip galvanized steel, so the light pole itself can be used as the device. Should be light pole of a plastic powder coating, so in the case of guarantee downlead conductive ability have certain ability of exterior insulation.

3, grounding device:
grounding device made by 50 * 50 * T5 galvanized Angle steel, length 75 cm, a head with Angle steel equipment cutting corners, to deeply buried; Angle on the other side of weld width is 50 mm galvanized flat steel, welding width is twice the width of flat steel, and sat embalmed in welding position. Completed the grounding device in the street lamp foundation construction, vertically into the surface of the 1 m, after light pole set, flat iron must be light pole flange welding, weld width is 2 times of wide flat iron.

outdoor garden light of the lightning protection grounding resistance according to the provisions of the state ( 'Code for construction and acceptance of grounding device ( GB50169- 2006). ) The monomers need not more than 10 ohms. Street light after the installation is complete, the use of ground shaking table check grounding is in line with the standard.

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