Outdoor garden light dust waterproof level

by:Rongde     2020-09-16
For some large outdoor projects or is garden villa renovation in waterproof and dustproof outdoor garden lamp is indispensable, today the author introduced from waterproof and dustproof grade two directions of outdoor garden light waterproof and dustproof effect achieved.

dust level is divided into the following seven levels
1: no protection to prevent large solid intrusion
2: prevent medium-sized solid intrusion
3: prevent small solid enter into the
4: prevent object is greater than 1 mm solid into
5: prevent harmful dust accumulation
6: completely prevent dust from entering the

waterproof level can be divided into the following nine level 0:
1: no protection can not influence the water droplets into the shell
2: when the shell inclined to 15 degrees, can not influence the water drops into the shell.
3: water or rain from 60 degrees to shell had no effect on the
4: liquid splashing from any direction to the shell no harm influence
5: rinse without any damage
6: can be used for the cabin environment within the
7: resistance to flooding in a short time ( 1米)
8: under certain pressure for a long time of soaking

the outdoor garden light dust waterproof level generally reaches IP65, completely prevent dust accumulation, rinse with water without any damage.

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