Ou tell you toilet wall lamp installation height and the matters needing attention

by:Rongde     2020-08-31
European wall lamp is joker, not only can be installed in the sitting room, bedroom, bathroom also fit, install a European wall lamp can foil the toilet more sweet and comfortable. How many suitable European wall lamp installation height of toilet? Need to pay attention to what issues?

Europe type toilet wall lamp installation height should be with us at ordinary times what the eye sees the scope of the constitute a harmonious Angle, because the installation height will directly affect the brightness of the lamp and the condensing degrees. General toilet wall lamp installation height from the ground 1440 ~ 1850 millimeter advisable, located in three-quarters of the wall between the two-thirds, in addition we also have to take into account the average height of the family, generally above average height of 200 mm, slightly higher head office. Different parts of the installation height of the wall lamp is also different, so want to combine the specific circumstances of oneself toilet.

toilet installed ou wall lamp process, while not complex, but still there are a few points to note. In the installation, must pay attention to the safety wire, disposal of the wire is invisible, if leakage in the outside, it looks not beautiful. In addition, because toilet water vapour is heavier, easy moisture, in the process of installation will be sure to pay attention to waterproof and moistureproof, otherwise prone to accident.

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