Online shopping atmosphere prevailed, droplight really on online shopping?

by:Rongde     2020-08-27
Purchase and often cheaper than entity shop of lamps and lanterns, prices on the Internet about 20% cheaper than entity shop products of the same material - 30%. But store the product quality is uneven, there are many different kinds of brands, and even some don't have the so-called 'brand', just 'chandelier factory direct sales' as stunt, online marketing, no entity shop, not online talent, it's easy to get into the trap of fraud. Purely from the point of view of the price, generally most of the lamps and lanterns of online shop than the physical store 'cheap'. At the time of purchase, we will be sure to install the artificial cost, after-sales service into consideration. Can't unilaterally consider the unit price cheap, it is recommended that you put the postage back and forth, collect fees, installation, repair parts added cost, integrated calculate, really cheap, order not late again. Secondly, online shopping compared to similar lamps and lanterns, lamp factory have brand agent and regional protection, not direct online sales, even on the cable line products have staggered sales; The shop sell such goods, mostly high imitation goods ( Shanzhai, 3 without products, fake and inferior products, especially branded products) Is by the local dealer and self-governance, individual stores, price and the entity (almost hit at a discount Because consider online users need not install, need not long after, the price can be lower) Individual users do not prevent if can give an electrician to install allows lighting stores give some additional discount. With small make up insight into other brands of lamps and lanterns, online shops and stores the same grade and quality of the product only 178 yuan, but the installation of a hall light quotation need at least 300 yuan, need professional andon to install electrical equipment and tools. Again, the lamps and lanterns of online shopping even say seven days return, because the line of lamps and lanterns is complicated accessories very much, but you only know when unpacking the case to install if you have any questions, whether the missing parts, etc. , when unpacking the case online is no longer accept return, if you want to patch, because most of lamps and lanterns from zhongshan, guangdong general mailing time back and forth about ten days, is that still meet better online store. Stores have substantial parts support, there is a problem can be solved immediately, generally is one year warranty, installation of after-sale guaranteed at the same time. Want to really pick up cheap, not deceived, be sure to know where exactly cheap online store in the. In general, online stores don't have to pay sites like storefront rent fees, so to reduce the cost and make the sales price decline; Some stores are indeed chandelier factory direct sales, net friend to buy directly on the pendant lamp factory, droplight factory don't have to pay the dealer price, so the price is low. Rent and freight both are free and is a regular brand lamps factory store to the main reason for the relatively cheap products.
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