Not any restaurant is suitable for installation droplight

by:Rongde     2020-08-09
Good not only to reflect itself of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns lighting function, also can well reflect the beautiful sex of indoor decoration, simply is the choice of lamps and lanterns should consider functional sex, also want to consider decorative. Required for interior decoration lamps and lanterns has a lot of, different area needs different kinds of lamps and lanterns, light from the point of large area, sitting room, dining-room, bedroom, kitchen, toilet installation of lamps and lanterns have bigger difference, but overall, which does not absorb dome light and chandeliers. Different from general droplight vertically downward effect, the hardness of steel frame for at the bottom of the lamp holder towards all directions of the restaurant, showing a bigger version to shoot the light effect. Modelling is revealing, wrought iron chandelier, mostly dark, thick texture can bring bold avant-garde sense. The stand or fall of identification, wrought iron chandelier is not difficult, through the observation and touch can identify strengths and weaknesses. First to see if it's done, the chimney of droplight is having a thick texture, whether in the chimney and decorations by hand to slide gently touch interface welding place, check to see if the interface is smooth level off. Droplight factory advice is not any restaurant is suitable for installation droplight, generally speaking area is relatively large, location, relatively independent restaurants are suitable for installation droplight, and space smaller restaurants generally choose to absorb dome light. Second, choose the droplight with what size is determined by the area of the restaurant and the size of the table, and can't choose at random, is currently the general model and the table size, 300 mm * 400 mm * 300 mm the size of the restaurant droplight is ideal and environmental protection. The colour of lamps and lanterns is not part of, because it directly affect the atmosphere of the dining room, pay particular attention to the colour of the lampshade, it plays an important role in atmosphere. General advice to choose ivory of the glass, both pure and very can create an atmosphere of quiet, or a soft yellow fastens shade is also a good choice, so that the light will be more soft, not dazzling. If you want to also can have the effect of decorative home during the day, choose a few more beautiful, multicolored colour can let you around more full of vitality. Droplight of the bar light refracting the shot into the home of the sun, spilled on the floor and small points of light. Such a fantastic warm night, night is also during the day, is also the night during the day. The cabinet modelling droplight, the bar itself is a kind of beautiful scenery.
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