Non-standard lamps and lanterns of custom need to pay attention to?

by:Rongde     2020-09-25
As personal aesthetic, personalized needs more and more, take full copper lamp, for instance, many find our customers are the customization customers, customize your whole copper lamp. Then the custom non-standard lamps and lanterns which need to pay attention to?

a, choice of word of mouth good brand

word-of-mouth reputation and word of mouth, a good brand, and will always be people mouth out, there is a saying well, the eyes of the masses, only can stand the test of the copper lamp brand is really good.

2, brand construction

a good full copper lamp manufacturer is very valued for its own brand construction, good brand manufacturers have strong factory entity exhibition hall, the construction of the network's official website propaganda, etc.

3, the related certificate

for non-standard custom of lamps and lanterns, must first to see whether the brand's normal product possess relevant authority certificate, especially for some projects, check the relevant documents of the first things are beginning to talk about cooperation. So basically is to have industrial and commercial business license, 3 c authentication certificate, if it is some of the bigger of the two brands will have some of the international authoritative certification testing, brand strength and core products of the company's patent application certificate, etc.

4, non-standard custom engineering case of lamps and lanterns

only the strength of the copper lamp manufacturers to take over the larger project cases, at the same time, it is only through the real practical case to reflect on the copper lamp manufacturers trust and recognition, the whole copper lamp factory is can make people trust and reliable.

copper production research and development of the whole lamp 18 years and more, as many as thousands of types at the same time has a senior design team, the successful completion of a another custom non-standard lamps and lanterns of engineering cases, receives the general customers the support and recognition, lamps and lanterns of non-standard custom please call: 400 - 800 - 769, welcome your call!

, attentively complete lamp!
full copper hotel villa project custom manufacturer of lamps and lanterns

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