Non-standard engineering lamps and lanterns of customized sales skills and matters needing attention

by:Rongde     2020-09-18
From the literal meaning of non-standard engineering lamps and lanterns is often mistaken for wasn't up to par lamps and lanterns, actually otherwise, style is tie-in, in order to satisfy some special occasions size, space and the personalized requirements of non-standard engineering lamps and lanterns of customization has become an indispensable mode of production, non-standard custom is in the hotel engineering lamps and lanterns, villa, club, KTV, bars and other high-end places, such as flat-panel crystal droplight, wrought iron lamp, crystal lamp special-shaped lamps lighting the lamp. Is the project light!

custom non-standard engineering lamps and lanterns and ordinary lamps and lanterns of choose and buy different needs according to the special requirements of its main business and custom, custom non-standard engineering lamps and lanterns commonly process is as follows:
1, lighting designer and customer communication, understand customer needs and ideas;
2, take customer to visit the exhibition hall, sample inspection product process, communication interior configuration style demand, according to the meeting detail records analysis, preliminary lighting solution interview appointment with you;
3, the door preliminary measurement, determine the dimension lighting installation, placement, lighting lamps and lanterns;
4 and multi-dimensional measurement, accurate measuring the lamps and lanterns in the use of the space required for size and layout, including lamps and lanterns, furniture, cloth art, carpet, adornment, furnishing articles, such as the flow of visual change, the collocation of colour collocation, material texture;
5, according to the results of the actual site drawings design;
6, preliminary design and the owner communication;
7, interview plan of negotiations, adjustments and eventually achieve satisfaction;
8, keep communication with the owner in production material, surface treatment, such as lamps and lanterns is completed invite customers inspection, etc. ;
9, after the completion of the production to make an appointment delivery installation time, lighting fitting, packing, delivery and on-site installation.

in order to perfect delivery outlets personnel still should pay special attention to the time when order:
1, non-standard engineering lamps and lanterns of custom usually there are two ways: one is the customer determine your templates to customize the lamps and lanterns has drawings, 2 it is need to modify on the original product, no matter in the above that way, as outlets orders personnel must fully consider the products of our company's existing situation and reach the feasibility and safety of customer's requirement, as we can't confirm, need to communicate and designers and factory technical personnel and check it.
2, outlets each salesman issued orders, there must be a sales director, The manager) Under the above post personnel signature rear can achieve factory; No signature of the executives, with person in charge must first telephone confirmed, and mark have got confirm
3, in the custom non-standard engineering lamps and lanterns of export orders in addition to the special requirements of customers should also be sure to ask the customer the mode of transportation, packing and assembling way.

, attentively complete lamp!
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