Non-standard engineering lamps and lanterns of custom do you really know enough

by:Rongde     2020-07-25
Non-standard engineering lamps and lanterns of custom do you really know enough? Zhongshan lamps factory below led the people together to understand precisely the insider. Non-standard custom that is is the design of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns, meaning according to the design of the non-standard sizes. According to the customer's requirements, under the premise of without changing the product quality, can change the style of lamps and lanterns or within a certain scope the increase or decrease in the size of the width, height and thickness; To replace the original lamp body with other types of lamp body, etc. Especially in this what all want to pay attention to individualized era, pursuit of popular trend, non-standard custom word in various industries and society was mentioned in the crowd. Small to a large life appliance to an extravagant, this as human industrialization process of high speed and is becoming more and more popular, jin days of non-standard customized lamps and lanterns is no longer the privilege of the rich, no matter what, money have no money can request non-standard custom, more and more common social groups also joined the ranks.

zhongshan lamps factory is not only a matter of lamps and lanterns of style of production, but covers the creative design, structure design, production process, packaging, logistics and so on various aspects of customization. The company mainly produces non-standard custom lighting and light and decoration art lighting, has advanced production equipment, perfect testing means and quality assurance system. Since the company since its establishment, we has to undertake the production project in the lamps and lanterns of domestic hotels, actually non-standard engineering lamps and lanterns of customized service is popular in Europe, America and Japan for many years. Mass customization is popular at home and abroad in more than ten years of manufacturing a new production mode, it with the agility of the operation, rapid response to individual customer requirements. Lamps and lanterns, as a kind of durable consumer goods, its function is not only physical, and spiritual, people when lamps and lanterns of choose and buy more of a great personality. Zhongshan lamps factory to meet the high profile club lighting, lighting, high profile hotels catering, real estate example room illumination, villa lighting lamps and lanterns of custom demand, now a lot of lighting scheme when the choice, many of them need to lamp act the role ofing customization, not the style of customization to fit in the space, size, and personalized needs.
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