Non-standard engineering customized one-stop service for lighting lamps and lanterns

by:Rongde     2020-07-22
What is the engineering lamp? Specifically, zhongshan lamps factory lighting that refers to the actual needs of the project, project lamp custom fit specific lighting lighting products, have adornment effect, called non-standard lamps and lanterns, non-standard engineering lamps and lanterns, decorative lamps, lamps and lanterns of custom, etc. Usually include hotel engineering lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns, non-standard, club, KTV lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns, villa lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns, example room, lobby, outdoor lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns of custom, etc. It is defined on the surface of the point of view, according to from compliance with industry standards, non-standard engineering lamp is not install the industry standard and country standard production engineering lamp, general need special customized lamps and lanterns. So 'non-standard' means 'not according to the standard of' meaning. In general, in order to make a general products and other products, it has its own production standards. For example, we often use to 'screw' and use of energy-saving lamps, it must be a standard component, to any shop you buy the same specifications of the screw or corresponding energy-saving light bulbs. So the 'non-standard' goods or spare parts, is generally use less goods, or for special parts made of a commodity, it is not easy to buy gm or substitution. Sometimes, 'non-standard' is intended to do so, the purpose is to protect their own production and maintenance of only one sex. Non-standard is country or industry standard products, according to the special requirements of customers design and production, is different with conventional standard products.

in zhongshan zhongshan lamps factory ( ) Lamps and lanterns of lighting electric appliance co. , LTD. Is a professional engaged in non-standard custom is more than a decade, has very rich experience in the lamps and lanterns of customization and successful cases. Zhongshan lamps lighting the engineering lamp types according to different material, function, can be divided into many kinds of design style, the use of places. The following contains custom types can be customized according to customer demand.
according to the material can be divided into: marble lamp, imitation marble lamp, crystal lamp, cloth lamp, sheepskin lamp, wooden lamp, glass lamp, resin lamp, wrought iron lamp, copper lamp

according to the function is divided into: droplight, absorb dome light, embed dome light, wall lamp, lamps and lanterns, Table lamp, floor lamp, etc. ) , architectural lighting
according to the style of design is divided into: european-style lamp, Chinese style lamp, lamp, modern lamps
American press use place is divided into: indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, landscape lighting, stage lighting, traffic lights and other lighting

now to introduce you to the zhongshan factory lighting lamps and lanterns of non-standard customized one-stop service engineering lamps and lanterns is how the operation of the rules, you see this article, if need non-standard custom service engineering lamps and lanterns, we are made according to the process. Also welcome customers to visit our company guidance.

the first step: contact engineering information. Including building situation, designers idea, installation position of lamps and lanterns, etc.
the second step: according to the engineering information know by photosynthetic efficiency estimation.
the third step: according to the first and second step of data, the configuration of lamps and lanterns collocation plan.
the fourth step: lamps and lanterns collocation plan submitted and get the basic confirmation.
step 5: prepare the lamps and lanterns with lamp cost report, submitted to party a's signed.
step 6: follow up the production.
step 7: follow up the installation and debugging of lamps and lanterns.
step 8: submit completed report, listing for final cost.
step 9: party a on-site audit, settlement.
step 10: according to actual situation for the maintenance of the service.
step 11: regular maintenance contract signed between.
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