Non-standard custom use of lamps and lanterns in the hotel can have unexpected result

by:Rongde     2020-07-27
Custom non-standard lamps and lanterns is one of the effective ways to build lighting administrative levels. In the beam Angle is divided into narrow, narrow, width, and the wide. Traditional halogen light source, lamps and lanterns is 10 ° or 24 °, 36 °, 45 ° and 60 ° Angle, and in the era of light emitting diode lamp, different brands of different beam Angle. About the hotel room use light emitting diode lamp, it is recommended to use medium narrow ( 15 - 18) 22 - and secondary beams of light 25) And medium width ( 28 - 30) Different angles, different area. In general, narrow beam, beam Angle & lt; 20°; Beam, beam Angle of 20 ° ~ 40 °.

the hotel space, both vertical and plane, must be clean and tidy. Any messy or non-standard engineering lighting light shadow is not desirable, and to create administrative levels feeling and display lighting illuminate objects without help. Article in the hotel room, light emitting diode is mainly used in the ceiling or wall indirect lighting, lighting to create a space atmosphere or environment. Of course also lighting inside the wardrobe furniture such as family, do small night lamp lighting or bedside table.
lighting effects in hotel guest room design has the effect of each other, are indispensable to use the actual effect, on the one hand there is also a means of interior space atmosphere. The led color temperature regulation: 3000 k. In her bedroom with 3500 k light source, of the following in the bathroom with around 3500 k light source. In her bedroom must warm color department, in the bathroom need high color temperature, to clean and liquor taste.
50 - general lighting use 100 lux, room illumination is low, quiet rest lazy performance characteristics, but local lighting, such as makeup mirror, bedside reading illumination should provide adequate illumination, these areas may take 300 lux illuminance value is neglected writing desk.

hotel lamps and lanterns is the core area of the hotel, because the customer will stay in a hotel room for a long time, any facilities and articles in the room to let the customer enjoy the different feelings.

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