No right choice bulb what concerns

by:Rongde     2020-08-19
Although many materials make the chandelier lamps and lanterns is very colorful and different styles. However, light material, such as paper, cotton and wood are flammable materials. In use process, the position of the lamps and lanterns so close to the fuel, fuel will soften due to high temperature. If there is no right choice light bulbs, electric rods when they fail, arc or local high temperature, the combustible fire near is likely to lead to the light bulb, thus cause a fire and constitute a safety hazard. Professional lamp passed the relevant state departments of quality inspection and safety certification, without the relevant national quality inspection and security authentication of lamps and lanterns is especially dangerous. Accordingly, when consumer is choosing lamps and lanterns must put security as an important consideration, to buy the lamps and lanterns of in conformity with the relevant provisions of the state and safety standards, and has more well-known brands of lamps and lanterns. Let us introduce iron chandelier and some selection skills. Wrought iron chandelier room shall be installed with different functions have different styles and lighting. The sitting room should use bright and beautiful lamp; The bedroom should use can make the person lying in bed and not dazzling light; Children room should use bright and colorful lights; The bathroom should use simple waterproof lamp; The kitchen should choose to wipe and clean lamps and lanterns; Also can choose some parts in need of special performance spotlight. Iron chandelier, wrought iron chandelier should be coordinated with the integral style of the room, and the more light in the same room should be in color or style are coordinated. Such as rectangular wall with wooden walls, cabinets and wood top, is suitable for rectangular wooden lamp; Take iron table, iron, glass eat desk and chair of the rectangular hallway, suitable for the chandeliers made of rectangular iron pipe; Golden door handle with golden spot bedroom is applicable to contain aureate illuminative the lamp.
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