Most of the cast iron on the market the chandeliers are imitation of iron

by:Rongde     2020-08-08
At present, most of the cast iron on the market the chandeliers are made of iron, namely artificial iron. Experts say, natural iron usually contains natural defects, such as horizontal stripes and chip resources are limited, expensive, so on sale in the market. Iron chandelier is composed of artificial iron or iron manually. When sellers introduce you to the bar droplight, you need to know it is a natural or artificial iron iron, and if you have asked natural iron chandelier, then you must think about it. Both bar droplight and white jade bracelets, all are the same. In the eyes of others, this is just a very ordinary things, but in your eyes is different. The color of the lamp is also cannot be underestimated, as it directly affects the atmosphere of dining-room, especially the influence on the chimney of play an important role in the color of the atmosphere. Usually advised to choose a milky white glass, the cover can be pure and create an atmosphere of calm, or a soft yellow shadow is also make the light more soft and not the good choice of dazzling. Clean the crystal droplight of the bar is a kind of knowledge. Must choose the professional crystalline light cleaner and spray it on the crystalline light. Dry cleaner evaporation with dirt and stains, is installed in the air. One by one, remove the crystal, then into containers of kerosene. The appearance of the wipe gently with the toothbrush crystal. Appearance of dust slowly after softening, clean with cleaner crystal pieces. According to the detailed crystal lamp quality, they are different treatment, and then select a soft cotton cloth to wipe clean. Unload the crystal pendant, please follow the symmetry principle, in order to make the light bulb balance, and don't make bracket deformation. Wipe the gold-plated metal stents in alcohol, do not use them, so as not to damage the coating of the outer membrane and beautiful. When clean crystal lamp, please wear white cotton gloves, lest leave fingerprints on the crystalline light. The bar droplight because the light is downy, so you can read in the study. If lighting is too light or too blind, it won't raise the reader's attention and comfort, it makes the reader feel discomfort and anxiety. Therefore, appropriate he chandelier factory advice not to buy too high when choosing study light brightness, and soft lighting should be appropriate. It can improve the reading efficiency, and at the same time enables readers to calm relaxed state of mind to learn and extension.
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