Modern family bar droplight design make emotional appeal live

by:Rongde     2020-08-26
Kitchen small the ground of the bar played a big role in the kitchen, it is in the kitchen besides stage desk r, may also be coming out to receive, is also a good choice of in a hurry when dining, leisure fashion life configuration required. Some people say that after marriage life lost romance. If you really want to build little emotional appeal of 2 the world, even a day of daily necessities can also be stained with sweet taste. Every day use the ambry of the choice of the cabin of the bar, at ordinary times can be used when the dinner table, saves on the back and forth in the kitchen and dining room; Can also be poured wine, with TA in stage whisper sweet nothings. But it is important to note that the bar of the chandelier hanging level directly affects the light irradiation, high space appear drab, too low will cause oppressive feeling, therefore, only must guarantee the droplight in mess of apparent horizontal line. In addition, in order to avoid the food in the projection of the light shadow, droplight should be installed in the table above the bar. Bar chandelier installation or high or low, will affect the repast, the reporter understands in the market of lamps and lanterns, general droplight distance of about 1 low to the ground. 5 - 1. 6 meters, average height is 75 cm and table, so the lowest droplight to distance on the surface of the table is 75 - 85 cm, such both neither can affect lighting, also won't have collisions. Table and droplight shape and configuration: 1. 8 m table with lamp A& 80 cm in diam. ; K lighting environment, rectangular table general advice with rectangular or circular lamp, and the round table can only go with circular lamp. At the same time, should coordinate with table size to match the size of the lamp, must not exceed the length or width of desktop, for example, 1. 4 m or 1. 6 m table, it is suggested that match the light around 60 cm in diameter, 1. 8 m of the table with the lamp with a diameter of 80 cm. Restaurant droplight can also become the focus of visual and unique stage chandeliers, choose a model can greatly improve the space character, make emotional appeal live.
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