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by:Rongde     2020-09-19
Copper lamp's service life is long, but we found that the copper lamp time is long, because of environmental problems, will make copper lamp surface loses luster, look have a heavy old feeling, that we have to learn, how to daily maintenance to make the copper lamp looks fresh?

1, store environment, must be well protected against moisture, less dust: a copper lamp room, stay as dry as possible, ventilation, and keep the lights on the surface of the body surface clean. The temperature is 10 - 24 degrees, relative humidity at 40% 50% of the environment, easy to raw copper patina, thus affecting the copper lamp is beautiful, so in the south of the rain season, we should increase the frequency of the lamp body dry clean.

2, avoid the corrosive objects contact: cannot be used in the cleaning process of copper lamp with corrosive liquid, such as acidity, grease, etc. , these substances have will cause a certain degree of corrosion to the metal lamp. So should be neutral liquids for when cleaning, avoid copper lamp with corrosive gas or liquid corrosion.

3, wipe let copper lamp can keep shining: in general, the use of bronze after a long time, gloss is less than before, the surface become obscurity, no luster. But by regular wipes can solve this problem, ideally, we can use honey to wipe, then use dry cloth to wipe. Or we can also use tin foil or sawdust to wipe.

4, how to avoid long copper patina: wet weather or indoor moisture heavier easily lead to copper lamp produced verdigris, or called the rust, then we can use lemon salt water to wipe, kerosene can also be used to wipe, then use toothpaste powder to wipe, through this a few steps can make basically restore the original copper lamp light.

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