Locker room full copper lamp should be how to match?

by:Rongde     2020-09-03
Every woman wants to have his own closet, inside put her beautiful clothes, beautiful jewelry. But many people don't know how to collocation, cloakroom full copper lamp should be small make up today to tell everyone cloakroom whole copper lamp collocation method.

1. Height is higher, if the home locker room has enough space, at the same time, cloakroom do condole top, can choose a color photograph collocation according to the area of the branch type copper chandelier, can choose a similar style, and sitting room droplight can choose smaller specifications.

2. The height is higher, but the cloakroom area is small, then we can choose to hang down condole type copper line all small droplight, looks compact, have the effect of lighting, both at the same time can also play the role of decoration.

3. Ordinary suites, the height is relatively low, and didn't do condole top, cloakroom can choose half full copper dome light or full copper chandelier. If is a rectangle cloakroom can install multiple small copper absorb dome light or droplight of half.

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