Listen to a lot of 'new Chinese style', do you really know?

by:Rongde     2021-01-24
New Chinese style, of primitive simplicity and elegant, concise not bragging, but all show contracted and luxury. Line is concise, halcyon natural; Lively, simple and elegant. New Chinese style style was born in China's traditional cultural Renaissance in the new period, with the national strength enhanced, national consciousness recovery gradually, people started from the tumultuous' imitation & throughout; And 'copy & throughout; Sorting out the mess. New Chinese style style is the pursuit of dimensional administrative levels, in some places need to make a partition to separate each functional space, generally USES pass, rich ancient frame, screen, window lattice, such as isolated from the line of sight, realize the level of the space space, reflects the level of the Chinese style household aesthetic feeling. New Chinese style household more commonly use the straight line of concise hale and hearty, that is to cater to Chinese style furniture in the temperament with the plain collect inside, but also make the new Chinese style more practical, concise, modern. More on furniture accessories with line succinct bright type furniture is given priority to, furniture is tonal for brunet attune, the model of furniture and adorn article, generally simple, give a person a kind of classic feeling, looking at the calm and comfortable way. Simple nature, and gives a new design philosophy, contemporary and contracted Chinese classical collocation, contracted and not simple, highlight lasting appeal, and profundity of the perfect embodiment of Chinese culture. New Chinese style is not just a simple wind household style, also, generations of Chinese craftsmen create timeless of Oriental aesthetics.
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