Lamps and lanterns of non-standard custom, let the thought is what you get, what you see is what you get!

by:Rongde     2020-07-25
Non-standard customized lamps as the name suggests is a standard, custom research and development of lamps and lanterns, relative to the standardized products, it is according to the unique needs of users, directional design, research and development, manufacturing of products, it is the combination of demand of innovation and technology innovation. Significance of non-standard customized lamps, lamps and lanterns is not just a style, but covers the creative design, structural design, the production process, packaging, installation and so on various aspects of chain type custom services. Zhongshan lamps factory since its inception in 2008, has been committed to make more creative taste and charm of environment, environmental protection fashion non-standard customized solutions of lamps and lanterns, zhongshan lamps factory has a professional design and construction team, and is a production, research and development, design, sales, service as one integrated non-standard engineering lamps and lanterns of customization enterprise. Zhongshan lamps factory has advanced production equipment, perfect testing means and quality assurance system, make every choice of zhongshan lamps factory lamps and lanterns of non-standard custom clients won't be disappointed.

zhongshan lamps factory has to undertake the domestic hotels non-standard customized production of lamps and lanterns project, it is many years engineering experience 'high requirements of the quality of our products, so the zhongshan lamps factory every new product that is supported by the distributor. Zhongshan lamps factory below lamp act the role ofing to everyone said the zhongshan lamps factory non-standard engineering lamps and lanterns order process. The following seven steps.

a, intention stage: preliminary communication the lamps and lanterns of professional sales and customer, understand customer needs, ideas, and its products use place of style, for clients to provide professional introduction and reference pictures. Second, the discussion stage: according to customer needs, set up by the sales, design, installation and after-sales team of lamps and lanterns of non-standard customized solutions and customer to the customer for further discussion, optimization, discuss interior collocation style needs, and site construction situation, perfect the design, according to customer's requirement and product shape, specification, material, color and quantity for quotation, and sign the contract.

3, the deepening stage: after the contract signing, specialized measurement team will door to door for repeated measurements, determine the lamps and lanterns of lighting installation, placement, lighting size, provide important basis for later production, after carefully checked parameters, issued by the professional lighting designers set of details of lamps and lanterns to deepen drawings, to ensure the custom products with customer needs.
4, proofing stage: confirm the drawing factory after row of single production, mould production, keep communication with the owners to achieve excellence, to avoid the deviation from the actual product.

5, try to hang confirmed: after the completion of the lamps and lanterns of proofing, to try to hang, test products.
6, production stage: originality of the process, the focus of the casting, is zui big sincerity to customers, in the before, during and after production, there is strict quality control testing, correct, reasonable and standard products, party a to check all details of the process, in order to be on the safe side.
7, factory test: before delivery to fitting, the lamps and lanterns of goods inspection, to ensure the feasibility and safety of products, and strictly control the product quality.
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