Lamps and lanterns of non-standard custom expert of hotel crystal lamp custom 2019 bid

by:Rongde     2020-07-21
Hotel crystal lamp custom why choose lamps and lanterns of zhongshan factory, to reflect from the following four aspects: zhongshan lamps lighting brand advantage and strength.

11 years brand precipitation: 11 years dedicated non-standard custom manufacturer of lamps and lanterns, has its own production workshop, the factory has independent lamp is acted the role of form a complete set of production workshop.

select raw material quality of craftsmanship: zhongshan lamps lighting from raw material procurement, production technology, product quality inspection, in accordance with the standard of lamps and lanterns, cengcengbaguan, processing quality problem in accordance with the contract.

manufacturers selling one-stop service: the factory source supply, earn price difference no middlemen, space for your customized non-standard custom matching scheme of lamps and lanterns, cost-effective.

rapid response in a timely manner of service: how to set up the service outlets across the country, considerate customer service quickly resolve customer problems, let after-sales not optimal.

zhongshan lamps factory showed by the following three aspects: professional reliable non-standard custom service of lamps and lanterns choice zhongshan factory lighting lamps and lanterns is very solid.

a: making standard: hotel engineering lamps and lanterns of custom inquiry should seek professional custom manufacturers, rather than go to sell household lamp manufacturers to make to order, like zhongshan lamps factory, professional non-standard custom manufacturer of lamps and lanterns. For example, household, etc. If it is a car, then non-standard customized lamps and lanterns is tanks, their production standards. And the details and work and household lights work practices of design and engineering lights are also different, project light almost every customer requirements are different, it's very check whether vendor has profound design experience. Zhongshan lighting lamps factory 11 years of experience in design, engineering lamp to every detail to consider very detailed, and household lamps are standard products, don't need to consider too many questions. So often change household lights do engineering lamp, prone to a lot of questions on the details, it is do not consider before, is also the problem of insufficient experience.

2: product safety, is a security issue. Hotel crystal lamp, lamp, lamp, villa hotel lobby hall sales department sand area lamps etc, because of the volume and weight on the reinforcement is considerate to commonly, various top hole than dense household lights. For large lamp, the most important is to consider the weight balance problem, this is a lot of household lamp manufacturers, as well as some small place without considering the engineering lamp manufacturer. Project light mostly are non-standard products, the different shape, material, weight, etc. That would require a non-standard custom manufacturer of lamps and lanterns has a profound accumulation of experience, of lamps and lanterns of each bearing the number of the building and the design of all want to be, otherwise it is prone to security issues.

3: product materials, lamps and lanterns is materials problems, such as hotel, hotel lobby crystalline light lamps, table lamps, crystal lamp sales department that consider the effect of lamps and lanterns, must use good material, such as the crystal is high quality, like K9 crystal, crystal, such as Egypt's crystal with high quality. Household lamp manufacturers, are directly with household lamps above standards used in the engineering lamp, will easily appear flaw, incomplete. Lamp manufacturers, and engineering requirements for product, the details will be far more than household lamps and lanterns. So, for non-standard lamps and lanterns, choose a professional non-standard custom manufacturer of lamps and lanterns is very important.

zhongshan lamps factory has a professional design and construction team, many years of experience in hotel engineering lighting custom supporting services. Success for the domestic numerous hotel crystal lamp project completed the design, configuration and production installation services. Hotel crystal lamp custom for zhongshan lamps factory lighting, lamps and lanterns of non-standard custom specialist, hotel crystal lamp custom service hotline: 2019-0760 87865530
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