Lamps and lanterns can also be customized? How can I go to the process of lamps and lanterns of custom?

by:Rongde     2020-09-28
The lamps and lanterns of good can foil the whole decoration style. A lot of lamps and lanterns design are very popular now, look have a can let perfectionism of customer satisfaction. So the custom of lamps and lanterns industry arises at the historic moment. Now what all can be customized, dress to furniture, lamps and lanterns is no exception. Of course good lamps and lanterns also need merchants have hard power, then we see together, lamps and lanterns can also be customized? How can I go to the process of lamps and lanterns of custom?

1. Communication. Custom of lamps and lanterns also needs to both customers and merchants to fully communication, customers need to their own preferences and hope that domestic outfit style with designer to inform, so that the lamps and lanterns designed in accordance with customer's expectation. Custom lamps and lanterns of the designer is also a big challenge, the first thing to understand customer needs and psychological, followed by the design level to a high enough. Otherwise things designed for both sides, this single business is yellow.

2, customers submit their idea, stylist still had better take customer visit the customized products, for a correct design direction. Some customers express designers may not understand, through intuitive feeling and experience, may let the customer clear yourself whether you want to what kind of lamps and lanterns, also not be too difficult designer. Through the observation of the customers tend to, a good designer should understand the needs of customers, so they know should use what kind of technology and material, so as not to step on to the customer's minefield.

3. Stylist is in after receiving the customer idea, determine the design direction, can the door to go on field trips. Through the positioning instrument to measure the location and size of lamps and lanterns, estimate the lamps and lanterns lighting range, at the same time considering whether match the style of lamps and lanterns, and other furniture, if the customer provides the domestic outfit design, then you can directly to the color, material and process of lamps and lanterns. Through visual effect and colour collocation is used to measure the lamps and lanterns is customized, it is concluded that the most suitable design of lamps and lanterns.

4. After collecting enough information, the designer return drawings painting studio. Must be on hand to the real data, if you have any deviation to measure data check and communication with customer first. Preliminary drawings complete exchange ideas, followed by customer according to customer's idea on the basis of the original, modified and put forward Suggestions, until customer satisfaction, can begin production of lamps and lanterns.

5, about the production, in the process of custom of lamps and lanterns, between merchants and customers to discuss the questions about material, process, surface treatment etc. Customization is completed, the businessman to invite customer for site acceptance. Final order.
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