Lamp light and decoration series of light luxury crystal droplight design style characteristics

by:Rongde     2020-07-21
We first come to introduce you to zhongshan zhongshan lamps lighting ( ) Lighting co. , LTD. , with a few light european-style luxury crystal droplight, let everybody feel the low-key costly.

ASA- 17908 postmodern light luxury crystal droplight: product name: ASA - Size (17908 M M) :D500 * H520/350 * 350 - H450 / L1600 * 400 * H550; Product color: golden bronze; Product style: light luxury chandeliers; Material: steel + square; Number and crystal block light bulb: 4/16 l; Application places: the sitting room, dining-room

ASA - 17987 European luxury crystal droplight: product name: ASA - Size (17987 mm) 420/700 320/600:500 * * * 490; Product color: champagne gold; Product style: light luxury chandeliers; Material: stainless steel lamp body + KG; Crystal bulb several star: 8/14/18 L; Process: vacuum plating; Application places: the sitting room, dining-room.

ASA- 17318 light luxury crystal droplight: product name: ASA - Size (17318 mm) :L1000 * 400 * 450; Product price: 1850 ( Yuan) ; Product color: champagne gold; Product style: Hong Kong style light luxury; Light source type: E14; Light bulbs for the most: 12 l; Switch type: remote control; Application places: the sitting room, dining-room.

zhongshan lamps lighting design description: this style is different from the neoclassical style, also is not the branch of the baroque style, she is a slightly costly, have Chinese style elements into again, also feel a little Jane European design work. Design style is we often in one sentence, has also been a space designer very sensitive topic, how to design, integrated into the design inspiration, or implant design thoughts to the owner of the space, the design of a kind of resonance in the two touch each other, is the successful designs. Luxury small endowment the sitting room, carefully selected hold pillow in the arms and crystal droplight, the light of the luxury of graceful and restrained design feeling into space, artistic temperament of the house. The era of light heavy adornment decorate, is to get rid of the modelling design of heavy and complicated, and reflect on the soft outfit design design style.

zhongshan lamps factory lighting light luxury crystal droplight design features: mix of interior design style is set each other off of each other of various elements, and is not a simple piece together, reflect the multicultural blend. The wallpaper of dining-room USES the design of Chinese ink and wash, vases, and a knife and fork with the modelling of ou shigu, so the combination between Chinese and western culture. Terrace of new classic sofa and restore ancient ways the phonograph, flower arrangement and abstract paintings, mix the glamour everywhere. Also USES the traditional Chinese painting of the graphics in the master bedroom, the American style of real wood and adorn article collocation, as well as reflect the leap of Chinese and western culture. Crystal handbags and white fur, slightly shiny, soft outfit of display design, build a sense of luxury quality. Goblet and perfume bottles, roses and gold zan, red sofa, theme highlights. The blue and white stool and new classic furniture of Chinese style style, visual extension to the ancient times and quickly pulled back to the present space, soothing mood once filled with thoughts of the designer.

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