Knowledge sharing: hotel crystal lamp of choose and buy when the custom need to pay attention to details

by:Rongde     2020-07-22
We now popular 'sharing', the word out a wave, what sharing economy, Shared cycling, sharing, knowledge sharing, sharing charging treasure, and so on open sharing economy 'era. I think it is very good. Such as knowledge sharing, we obtain knowledge channel millions, but everyone's way is different, you obtain knowledge or perhaps they did not know it's hard to get into, but appeared to share the word, we can share a lot of knowledge, so that everyone can save a lot of access time. So the small make up for everyone to share a knowledge: hotel crystal lamp of choose and buy when the custom need to pay attention to the details of the zhongshan lamps factory is a professional custom crystal lamp manufacturers, so to share knowledge about crystal lamp, hope to be of help.

1. First determine crystal lamp custom design: crystal lamp design and style is to let a person dazzling, so I am in the process of choose and buy should according to own actual need, according to the integral style of the house and the position of the crystalline light have to choose and buy. Different families, different choice when the choose and buy of the space, it is important to note that according to the size of the space and the shape of the lamp. The personage inside course of study points out, according to the requirements of space - 20 square meters 30 square meters of the sitting room, about 1 meter in diameter to choose crystalline light. Can according to the different family, different room has to choose: many multicellular families primarily to the use of the sitting room, main choose so atmosphere, beautiful crystal lamp type suction a top and condole; Some young people or newly married people, in the bedroom is decorated, might as well choose exquisitely charming, warm color to move more pendant wall crystal lamp; If want to install crystal lamp in the kitchen, you can install a both energy saving and represent hanging crystalline light sweet life.

2. Crystal lamp custom brand logo: the crystalline light of different brand, its quality and the price will be vary widely. Some of the brand in order to guarantee the quality, to prevent the sham as the genuine, can engrave on each crystal act the role of brand logo, as long as you identify carefully when buy clearly. Buy as far as possible choose crystalline light known name brand. Knowledge of enterprises ( Brand) Product overall quality is good, regardless of whether they are crystal configuration or metal lamp body can meet industry standards. But it is important to pay special attention to, want to confirm that product packaging is complete, when buying logo is complete.

3. Use the crystal ball quality positioning: crystal lamp for sale on the market at present are made of artificial crystal. Crystalline light is to bright shine, and the purity of the crystal ball and cutting surface of lead, lead oxide content in more than 30% to ensure transparency of the crystal. So consumer is when the choose and buy is going to take a look at the crystal ball if there is any crack, bubble, water ripple and impurities. 4. Lappet norms has a rule: if the lappet norms of crystalline light unite matters. Imitation of crystal droplight lappet Kong Re not standard, not only affect the appearance, also easy to split.
5。 Gold-plated fixtures are choosing process: crystal lamps and lanterns of style on the market at present with gold plated metal stents, PVC, acrylic and glass holder collocation of crystal pendants, gold-plated metal stents strong enough to bear all the crystal pendant, and are more gorgeous gloss. A few years will not change color, also won't rust.

6. Electroplating process see colour: light body part of high quality crystal lamp, adopt gold electroplating industry ( 24 k) And electroplating chromium ( Luo) Color. 24 k gold plating and assaying the infinite close to pure 24 k gold. By reflecting the function of incandescent lamp, either gold or chrome color, all natural, smooth and bright, no bubble and impurities, has a high specular effect. At the same time, high quality crystal lamp light body use fixed number of year is higher than ordinary light body use fixed number of year 3 ~ 5 times.
7。 Custom price: generally speaking, formal, large businesses selling products, the higher the price the better the quality. Crystalline light of choose and buy when, can not only consider price, regardless of quality. Some enterprises is the psychological, according to the customer, many grade of products, how much money do you want to give you what class of the lamp, if the pursuit of low prices, it is likely to be shoddy crystalline light to buy home.

8. See accessories: in addition to owning to its superior quality and crystal accessories, light body and a very critical parts, that is the lamp holder. High profile crystal lamp is equipped with lamp holder adopts meet international safety standards of the European rules ( CE) Lamp holder and domestic CCC standard. Superior lamp holder can improve electrical conductivity, good heat dissipation, long life and other advantages.

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