Inside the glass production technology of copper solder glass lamp

by:Rongde     2020-09-15
Solder glass lamp is made up of copper and glass as the main material, adopt the way of hand soldering to one copper lamps and lanterns. Make full copper solder glass lamp is one of an important process of glass making process. The following in accordance with our copper solder light the lamp glass production process of different points is presented in the following categories

a, glass surface shaded we often see the copper solder glass lamp glass has a variety of different texture and color. In addition to tiffany glass, these colors are made of artificial coloring processing. Divided into the following several kinds of common glass shading

the first common method is: do old processing.
is the manual on the basis of pickling glass coated with yellow paint, give a person the sense with old.
the second coloring is: do stone grain surface.
in order to make the production of glass solder lamp has the effect of stone, workers tend to make all kinds of imitation in pickling good glass stone road.
the third coloring method is: hand-painted
is to use artificial draw out plants or other lines on a glass surface, so that the solder glass lamp looks more have administrative levels feeling, punctuate move

2, glass bending
the copper solder glass lamp chimney often can see there are all sorts of different camber, these are made by artificial cut out the corresponding glass after glass on the corresponding curve of steel and are the shape of the baked. In accordance with copper solder glass lamp its radian different after forming.
we put all the copper solder glass lamp is divided into inside outside bend glass, curved glass and double curved glass. Bending glass is characterized by: our naked eye lamp shade, the radian of the copper solder glass lamp shade inward concave; Bending glass outside characteristic is: when we macroscopic observation lamp shade, the radian of the copper solder glass lamp shade bulge outward; The characteristics of double curved glass is: when we macroscopic observation lamp shade, a full copper solder glass lamp glass on the radian of inward concave and convex curve outward.

3, spelling a flower glass spelling a flower is glass solder production process a kind of common technology of light. At the same time it is also a relatively complex process, in order to make the corresponding design effect, the workers must first glass cut into small pieces of different shapes, and then according to the need for some glass edge grinding processing. And then wrapped around the small piece of glass of forming on the copper foil. Finally the pieces of glass with tin welding into flower. The whole production process is done with all done by hand.

4, glass sand or silk screen
this is two different kinds of copper solder glass lamp production process, but the effect is basically the same. When we use this process for the most part for two reasons, one is with grind sand or screen printing technology of whole copper solder glass lamp shade is quite dim, so as to reduce the stimulation of direct light brings. The second reason is that in the glass surface treatment of some special pattern.

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