Indoor lighting design consists of analysis

by:Rongde     2021-01-24
Lighting design emphasis on form and function of lighting perfect combination, the pursuit of aesthetic function need to create a beautiful light and shadow form, make the concept of lighting design conforms to the people's aesthetic imagery. Form is the first media of visual art form, fully grasp the basic shape elements of light and its effects on the observer's psychological, is to improve the form of sensibility and the primary path to create light environment image. Light visual form can be summarized as dot, line, face, body a few basic shape elements. These elements have their ideological significance, fully understand and grasp their change rule, is helpful to gain the initiative in lighting design. ( A) Bright spot. Lamps and lanterns is usually 'window & throughout; Appear, become the focus of attract people vision. Highlights of the gathering, can lead to tight, loose psychological feelings; Window arrangement and change regularity can generate rhythm feeling and metrical sense. Too strong and focus, however, easy to cause visual fatigue; And focus too much, it easy to make the inattentive and turn a blind eye. Visible, bright spots in the space plays the most active and positive role, it in the most appropriate location in view of composition and form, to become a focus of beauty. ( 2) Line of the light. Linear lamps, light source, linear optical structure ( As the light trough) And ChengYing boundary between light and shade and so on all can produce line on the surface of the form of light. Line light guide line of sight and clear directions. When line interface combination of light and space becomes bright 'intersection line & throughout; Or 'line & throughout; , have the effect of defining the space again. Light crisscross of twists and turns, convergence divergence can greatly enrich the visual perception of space, so the modern interior architectural lighting in one of the most common form. Reasonable application of light curve, can make indoor environment multiplication friendly touching charm. ( 3) Surface light. See in the indoor environment, human eyes are almost all kinds of light and shade, and because of its geometry, spatial location, size and material properties and form the different forms of visual design, for people to perceive the environment light and shade and perception of space and dimension sense, provides a carrier material sense, etc. Receives the space location and brightness distribution, limited volume, a space limit and guide the role of visual flow; Visual objects on the surface of the light and shadow graph, but also for its put on the full 'expression & throughout; The veil. Therefore, as a specialized processing and visual composition of lighting design, surface morphology of light is a key element of the design vocabulary. ( 4) The light body. When light ( By light) In front of the closed closed, there formed a three-dimensional shape of the body. According to the research methods in the form of space [ 1] In 74, the light body can be divided into physical form and form? 'body & throughout; Form. The former, such as all kinds of lamps, light emitting device, is common to the people, static light emitting entity; The latter, can be perceived as a special form of space, it can be made on the actual shape of light and shade face suggests, or perceived by the space of light and shade relations, conceptual and indoor 'space & throughout; Corresponding, it is a kind of psychological. Room, for example, a cup of sculptures, illuminated by the emphasis on the surface due to different angles by light show the change of light and shade, 'such a non-uniform illumination never perceived as the nature of the light itself, but rather to be perceived as light things throughout space characteristics &; At this point, the light in this sculpture is a vision, and surrounded by the light environment of the sculpture is the psychological exist? 'body & throughout; Form. ? 'body & throughout; Sometimes feel are clear, sometimes is vague and ambiguous. For example, people can easily distinguish between two different shades of space in the room ( Including distance, location, size, etc. ) , and the difference of light and shade has the role of limited space; When continuous change and transition, the visual is difficult to stay on the boundary of light and shade, in the different space between 'flowing throughout the &;
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