In the modern crystal chandelier in the sitting room should with what features

by:Rongde     2020-10-03
What features in the modern crystal chandelier in the sitting room should be:
modern crystal droplight is used in various places, different places is different use of lamp act the role ofing has characteristics are different.
so, modern crystal droplight should have what characteristics? A, reasonable layout to:

the modern crystal chandelier in the sitting room must not only have one, there will be several kinds of collocation of lamp act the role ofing, such as like lamp tape, or on the ground floor lamp, and the ceiling around the lamp, etc. There are many kinds of above.
2, unique style:
said the sitting room is important place in the home a little too much, because at ordinary times family not only activities in the sitting room, and relatives and friends to come to the house's home as a place for guests. Three, wide exposure area to:

each room area should belong to the sitting room is the largest in the home, so the requirement of modern crystal chandelier must have the illuminate of wide area.
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