In detail, wrought iron chandelier rust treatment and maintenance methods

by:Rongde     2020-08-25
In the modern style, or shape of the baroque style, we always will often see the figure of wrought iron chandelier, because, wrought iron chandelier, the sense that gives a person is noble and dream. So, wrought iron chandelier, the choose and buy should pay attention to what? Pay attention to details, wrought iron chandelier to determine the material selection and specification is correct then there is design, style focused on stents when choosing material, PVC material support good-looking but not durable, reaction material easy to pale yellow, so we suggest gold-plated metal stents, wrought iron lamp, beautiful, durable, safe and keep a period of time does not change color. Wrought iron chandelier in comparison with the maintenance of maintenance issues, wrought iron chandelier other lamps and lanterns, the more afraid of collision and not exposed in damp environment for a long time, humid environment will rust or surface bubbles, when cleaning, wrought iron chandelier, so can wipe with dry cloth, generally good, wrought iron chandelier will last longer, you just need to daily maintenance fee more state of mind. Wrought iron chandelier rust treatment and maintenance method 1, at home, don't wash with soap and water, wrought iron chandelier, scrub with soap and water, wrought iron chandelier will damage wrought iron furniture surface protective layer, besmear is said above, Plating) , which can lead to rust, wrought iron furniture. 2, once found his rusty, wrought iron chandelier, it can be removed, and then use the basin that wash a face with vinegar, lamps and lanterns is completely bubble inside, wait for a period of time the rust will disappear, be plating protective layer again after removing the rust, or again soon rust and corrosion. 3, if the lamp holder is electroplating, plating lamps and lanterns is from substrate to rust, rust at first can see rust with toothpaste, etc. There are some friction without corrosive material composition carefully wipe purify slight rust. Once corroded seriously, the plating is a flaky peeling, matrix is corroded seriously, this is not a good way, namely the polished off and soon will rust is more serious. 4, lamps and lanterns of damp easily lead to rust, paint, will shorten the service life of lamps and lanterns. Therefore, moisture is the key to lighting maintenance, especially the lamps and lanterns of toilet, bathroom and kitchen stove headlights, all want to install the dampproof lampshades, in order to prevent moisture intrusion, avoid corrosion damage or leakage short circuit. Lamps and lanterns is best not to clean water, as long as can wipe with dry dishcloth touchs water, dry, if accidentally run into water to try to avoid by all means after turn on the light immediately with a damp cloth to wipe. 5, use the lamps and lanterns at ordinary times, also have nothing to regularly take dry cotton cloth to wipe the surface of lamps and lanterns, in addition to removing dust can also be moistureproof, kill two birds with one stone.
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