In buying, wrought iron chandelier, please pay attention to the difference of artificial, wrought iron

by:Rongde     2020-08-11
Learn to distinguish between artificial, wrought iron and natural, wrought iron: for sale on the market at present, wrought iron chandelier, mostly, wrought iron, namely artificial made of wrought iron, expert introduction, due to natural, wrought iron often contain natural flaws, such as horizontal stripes, floc and resources are limited and expensive, so the wrought iron chandelier that sells on the market are produced by using artificial, wrought iron or wrought iron, pay attention to the difference of artificial, wrought iron: although with is artificial, wrought iron, but the quality of different artificial, wrought iron grade and is not the same, because the value of the wrought iron chandelier is largely determined by the iron, so you need to focus on the quality, wrought iron. Expert introduction, when the proportion of lead oxide containing glass reached more than 24%, refraction degree reaches 1. 545, you can call it wrought iron chandelier. Pay attention to the bracket, wrought iron chandelier quality: after determine the specifications of the lamps and lanterns, can begin to choose the style, when choosing, wrought iron chandelier style before, good to see what is its scaffold material, wrought iron chandelier on the market at present with the design with gold plated metal stents, PVC, acrylic and glass holder is tie-in, wrought iron pendants, although PVC material support can make the wrought iron chandelier looks more bright, but likely strength or easily enough. Acrylic stand a long pale yellow easily. Chrome plated metal stents easy oxidation discoloration, therefore it is recommended that you try to choose gold plated metal stents, wrought iron chandelier, it can not only ensure overall, wrought iron chandelier, dazzling, wrought iron chandelier, can also be a Chinese style style, made the round wire Chinese style lamp, antique Chinese wind combined with metal feeling, is very surprise, tubes for cylindrical, below the hanging tassel pendant, like Chinese lanterns, very suitable for Chinese style decorates a style. Many a family to decorate now will adopt this kind of lighting lamp, wrought iron chandelier, we also use it as a general ceiling lamp or open the restaurant ceiling lamp. Its advantage lies in the strong ability of decoration strong in scope, American style decorating were more likely to use this kind of lamp.
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