How to use the LED floor lamp?

by:Rongde     2020-10-03
Floor lamp LED lamps and lanterns industry will also by doing products, to design products, to provide the overall solution. With the development of the Internet and other new technology, the LED as the semiconductor industry, will also be on the high speed train, play their high controllable characteristics. From home to office buildings, from roads to the tunnel, from cars to foot, from the auxiliary lighting to the lighting, intelligent control of the LED lighting system will lead to higher levels of service to mankind.
  1. LED lamp decorated in the sitting room and rest area, commonly used with sofa, tea table, the room to meet local lighting and garnish with family environment. But beware not placed beside lofty furniture or interfere with the activities of the region.
  2. If you are a couch potato, suggest you on the sofa or bed put a desk lamp or floor lamp, watching TV needs a bit of a soft light source, in order to reduce the screen light stimulation to the eyes.
  3. Equipped with a sofa of the sitting room, behind the sofa can decorate a floor lamp LED. Not only ensure their reading needs, also does not affect the family watching TV. LED lamp height is commonly 120 - 130 cm, if can adjust height or chimney Angle is the best. The modelling of lamps and lanterns and colour to coordinated with the furniture of the sitting room.
  4. If need be, can also be on the floor lamp of light, used as a background illumination, adjust the height of the light can change the diameter of the aperture, so as to control the strength of the light, to create a kind of hazy aesthetic feeling.
  5. Many people have the habit of reading, writing at night, the bedroom has a privacy, therefore, squeeze a small study in the bedroom is both convenient and not to disturb his family. Can be designed at the foot of the bed, a small desk, still can design a two-layer shelf hanging in the air, plus a floor lamp leds, a small study is both sweet and concise is located in the bedroom.
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