How to prevent the lamps and lanterns, wrought iron chandelier, rust and its maintenance

by:Rongde     2020-07-29
Texture looks more beauty, wrought iron material lamps and lanterns, we all know that iron is a kind of easy to rust, also easy to oxidation, so wait a wrought iron rust? Believe that many people choose are easy to rust? This question, is really not easy, if well maintenance, wrought iron chandelier with how to maintain? The bar under the chandelier manufacturer to explain one by one, and see it together. Wrought iron chandelier will rust. General in wrought iron chandelier with surface in order to guarantee decorative coating ( Plating) The adhesion strength of the surface layer and wrought iron products are good, must be painted, Plating) 。 Wrought iron chandelier should avoid touching with a soft cloth to wipe, waterproof and moistureproof reduce insolation refused to acid and alkali, if accidentally touch on, should be immediately clean up the dirty place, reoccupy does cloth to wipe, in order to prevent metal rust, can dip in with cotton on a small amount of rust-proof oil regularly or sewing machine oil wipe the surface of part. 1, wrought iron hanging lamp shoulds not be long time, and ash, dust, easy to rust. Regularly to remove surface dust, better choose pure cotton fabric cloth, with a mild detergent, wipe gently. For the dust in the cavity, usable soft wool brush brush along the gap. 2, wrought iron lamp act the role ofing to avoid knock against, in case the lacquer layer shell and chrome plated layer falls off, also can't knock on lamps and lanterns with good thing, otherwise, the light will be off the paint to take off the lacquer, or there will be a deflated, left scar, affect the whole beautiful. 3, chrome plating, wrought iron hanging lamp act the role ofing, be afraid of gas, oil, therefore, can't swing, wrought iron lamp placed near the gas burner and coal stove, in case of gas, oil, corrosion chrome plated layer. 4, in order to prevent, wrought iron hanging lamp act the role ofing, chromium plating layer corrosion, can often with gauze dipped in a little anti-rust oil or sewing machine oil polished chrome plated parts, so, you can keep, wrought iron lamp if brightness is new. Once, wrought iron chrome plated layer of rust, hanging lamp act the role ofing should get rid of, as early as possible in order to prevent rust.
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