How to pick the high quality crystal droplight chandelier factory

by:Rongde     2020-08-02
In the sitting room adornment, chandeliers for the visual effect of whole space plays an important role. Droplight of different shape and material, but only crystal droplight a favorite for many people. Crystal lamp cooperate ou shigu decorate a style, brought your yong for space. Not only that, when classical and modern science and technology - — The development of optical fiber and diode technology - — Combination of crystalline light is becoming easy fashion, more suitable for the modern style of home decoration. Weigh the weight of the crystal accessories by hand. Good crystal accessories contain basically all exceeded 30%. With high lead oxide crystal accessories feel is heavier, and contain less lead oxide crystal accessories feel lighter. Compare more crystal transparency and clarity, now on the market of crystalline light at one thousand yuan commonly, crystal origin and purity is the main factor of price difference, actually also is a kind of glass crystal, it is just a kind of refinement, the lead content of high and low directly affect the transparency and clarity of crystal, crystal have high levels of transparency and good sharpness, on the other hand, the lower levels, clarity and penetration. Crystal lamp is people's favorite, but only the choose and buy the crystal lamp with good quality can enhance the grade of the decoration, profile, so ready to the owners of the crystalline light of choose and buy must master the identification method of crystalline light quality is good or bad, in this way can help you buy gratified flexibly value of crystalline light. In addition to owning to its superior quality and crystal accessories, light body and a very critical parts, that is the lamp holder. High-grade crystal lamp is equipped with the lamp holder adopts international and national security standard gauge ( CE) Lamp holder and domestic CCC standard. Superior lamp holder can improve electrical conductivity, good heat dissipation, long life and other advantages. Look at the colour the light body part of high quality crystal lamp, adopt gold electroplating industry ( 24 k) And chrome plating color. 24 k gold plating and assaying the infinite close to pure 24 k gold. By reflecting the function of incandescent lamp, either gold or chrome color, all natural, smooth and bright, no bubble and impurities, has a high specular effect. At the same time, high quality crystal lamp light body use fixed number of year is higher than ordinary light body use fixed number of year 3 ~ 5 times.
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