How to learn the droplight of droplight factory product quality is high quality

by:Rongde     2020-08-01
As a family to decorate the pursuit of beauty, beautiful droplight more and more liked by people. Most people probably don't want to decorate European classical style, modern style droplight is often more welcome. Modern style droplight is numerous, on the market for choose leeway very big, all kinds of lines are optional. Consumer good choice can install the droplight with energy-saving lamps light source, do not choose to have plating droplight, because the plating time easy to rub off. Choose the material such as metal and glass inside and outside the consistent droplight. That how the droplight with factory droplight is good? How to choose the droplight to high quality and low price? A lot of consumers. Droplight is generally composed of several parts such as metal, glass, appliances, choose and buy when seeing the parts quality, package you choose to good droplight. 1, check whether there is droplight hardware surface and its shape metal surface black, rust, scratches, less paint, paint, paint, paint, dirt leakage phenomenon; The whole lamp on collocation have off color; Have hardware parts without deformation) Many parts, because the hardware is welded on, so want to check whether there is a touch point is too large, the desoldering phenomenon; Customer complaints are common in the process of lighting, the hand is cut and bleeding. This is because the hardware in the process of machining, slab edge not polished away. 2, check the droplight of electrical parts in the lamps and lanterns, electrical parts is a dangerous place, safety accidents, appear easily so be strictly controlled. 3, check the chandelier now commonly used is the best word test, adhesion is the analyte in the object, use the blade row into 100 'well' word shape is 1 mm, and then use tape sticky. If you can stick out, adhesion can not meet the requirements.
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