How to design good, wrought iron chandelier, decorate one of the important contents of too

by:Rongde     2020-08-15
Many people are ignored, wrought iron chandelier, decoration design, but in fact, wrought iron decoration rendering, or decorating a picture map, classical, wrought iron chandelier, played a crucial role, it is almost within the control of the house the whole light effect, so to remind you, to find a way to how to design good, wrought iron chandelier is also one of the important contents of decorate. Wrought iron decoration rendering and map is large, one of the reasons is wrought iron chandelier, the choice of different materials and paint will produce certain effect on the brightness of the chandelier, thus rendering and map on sensory gap, so classical, wrought iron chandelier, how to design more beautiful, don't worry, we'll send dirty sort, wrought iron decoration, rendering it. A concave, to design a model combined with the traditional culture idea, good, wrought iron ceiling design is quadrilateral thick and the thin in the middle of the layout, can alleviate day surface form of depressive feeling, visual effect is more comfortable, also condole top notches in the middle of the symbol of the tianchi water, of the housing will go a long way. Second, to make up for a lack of light if the original family daylighting is insufficient, so when decorating, be sure to use the light to make up for, in and around the ceiling trow best hidden fluorescent lamp to make things up, the light reflected from the ceiling, not dazzling, neat and bright again. Three, unfavorable design mirror from the point of traditional culture theory, wrought iron ceiling design mirror will produce adverse impact, as reflected in the mirror scenery will agree with the floor, symbol 'not open heaven and earth', go against nature, will make the home delivery stagnant. Four, color appropriate light shoulds not be heavy condole top, no matter use what kind of material, the most like the color of the floor and wall, can give a person top-heavy otherwise oppressive feeling, long live words will spirit is depressed, make family is the so-called 'day qing turbid' it is this every day.
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