How to choose droplight family? Droplight of choose and buy?

by:Rongde     2021-01-24
Choose droplight how family; First look at his house belong to what style, thus according to the house decorate a style to choose to suit and holiday home droplight, or even choose again beautiful, if not applicable to the style of this house, will also be counterproductive. Light in the heart of lamps and lanterns, so the choice of light source is crucial, light source, there are many, but with lamps and lanterns lighting effect is also different, such as incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, LED lamp and fluorescent lamp, etc. Family droplight price general how many family droplight price general how many droplight is used or hanging on the top of the pole, chain, need to choose droplight, according to the height of the rooms also need according to the home decorate a style, which is discussed in the above I have a look at where the house belongs to what style, moreover a room does not need too much lamps and lanterns, generally only hang oneself can be installed in the living room. Droplight of choose and buy note 1, lamp act the role ofing height; 2 m. 2, lamp act the role ofing surface; Often droplight surface electroplating, spray paint and other surface treatment, so we need to check when the choose and buy, look at the surface adhesion of the droplight with metal surface whether there is a defect. 3, hardware accessories; The hardware fittings of droplight is related to the service life of droplight, so we need to pay attention to when the choose and buy the metal surface of droplight whether defects, such as black, rust, dirt.
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