How to choose and buy the kitchen full copper lamp?

by:Rongde     2020-08-30
A few days ago, a customer is the overall decoration, want to choose a suitable for use in the kitchen all copper lamp, but don't know how to choose. In fact, the kitchen is more dangerous than other space, like cooking, chopping vegetables is has certain risk so it must not be too dazzling, so how to choose and practical kitchen full copper lamp? Below small make up answers one by one to you.

security Angle,

kitchen full copper lamp installation, the installation shall be far from cooking range as far as possible, don't let them to be a gas, vapor direct edify, etc.

2, brightness

because cooking process involved many of multifarious work has certain risk, so the choose and buy kitchen try to pick the brighter in the whole copper lamp, to avoid causing unnecessary danger because of my lack of brightness, in addition, higher brightness to the eyes can also have very good protection effect.

3, on the design of the

can use overall groundwork and local complement the way of combining with the power of the larger whole copper dome light to ensure that the overall brightness, and then according to the layout of the arrangement of the furniture and the kitchen stove, select all the copper wall lamp of local lighting and to take care of the working face of the lighting, the height adjustable full copper chandelier, and install a working lamp machine of the lampblack that take off, conditional, in lockers can be installed cabinet lights, to ensure operation involved in the working face, inside the kitchen equipment eat table, washing machine, such as the corner there is enough light.

, attentively complete lamp!
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