How to choose and buy European copper lamp

by:Rongde     2020-09-20
Europe type copper lamp is the whole lamp is acted the role of the main material for copper decorative lighting products. Europe and the United States is acted the role of cultural characteristics. Copper pieces of light with its stable atmospheric appearance, exquisite workmanship, beautiful deeply with grade niche consumers favor. So, how to choose and buy European copper lamp? We can be summarized as: a look, two touch, three, four.

a: look at the surface, color, look at work. :
the surface quality of the surface of the copper pieces of light treatment technology is complex, each procedure has its existence value. The surface evenly compacted attached with a layer of protective film, this layer of protective film in addition to isolate air, avoid the oxidation on the surface of the copper, also can increase the gloss on the surface of the copper, make it more beautiful.
see color: most of the copper pieces of the lamp is after polishing, the surface treatment of seal oil, laminating process, presents the original color. And there is some copper casting light surface in order to build a more rich and colorful color, we will do some special processing to it, for example, red bronze, green bronze, and even black. So high quality copper pieces of light color processing what's so special? Good copper lamp light body color natural, smooth, in addition to the specular point, no splash, connect body to a consistent, uniform color, solid color, very easy to fade and impellers. Because after laminating, also very not easy the creation oxidation.
work: high quality copper lamp work, whether it is a large area of the lamp body outline, or small local carve patterns or designs on woodwork, a petal, one curved crescent, can be said to be interesting, seamless, all reflect the skillful craftsman ingenuity.

2 touch: touch the surface of the
seen after the appearance, the copper pieces of lamp if still can make you satisfied, we can take the next step, touch the surface of the copper pieces of light, good the surface of the copper pieces of light through the detailed polishing grinding processing. No burrs and allows you to hand feel uncomfortable. It can be said that whatever you can with the hand touch, it must be smooth, rounded, with copper peculiar cool feeling.

three listening: listen to the voice
listen to sounds, is one of the identification method of copper pieces of the lamp. Good copper piece of lamp or vigorous, deep voice, or clear and melodious. Their common characteristic is clean, no noise. And inferior copper pieces of light sound erratic, have empty feeling, and there is noise.

4 scraping:
scraping surface after hearing the sound, if you can, we can also use the method of cutting identification directly, this is one of the most effective method. With a knife or a small file where the entire copper lamp is not appearance, gentle scratches, see blow out fine scales is what color, if it is golden yellow or white gold, then more than ninety-nine percent of it is pure copper lamp, if blowing out fines is white or silver, more than ninety-nine percent then it is not a pure copper.

in the end, clear, is whether the copper pieces lamp using copper how good, the light of the main bearing parts, such as the column, lamp, in areas such as the drum is still steel or other alloy materials. The reason is very simple, usually copper discomfort.

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