How to choose according to room area full copper chandelier diameter

by:Rongde     2020-09-08
Q: home decoration, copper lamps, but I don't know how to choose according to room area is full of copper chandelier diameter
a: according to the area to differentiate:
sitting room: ㎡ 10 ~ 20 ㎡ : 45 cm to 60 cm; 20㎡~30㎡:60cm~70cm; 30㎡~ 40㎡:70厘米~ 90厘米; More than 50 ㎡ : 110 cm above.
bedroom: ㎡ 8 ~ 10 ㎡ : 30 cm ~ 40 cm; 10㎡~ 15㎡:40厘米~ 50厘米; 15㎡~ 20㎡:50厘米~ 60厘米; More than 20 ㎡ : 60 cm above.
restaurant: ㎡ 3 ~ 6 ㎡ : 35 cm ~ 40 cm; 6㎡~ 10㎡:40厘米~ 50厘米; 10㎡~15㎡; 50厘米~ 60厘米; More than 15 ㎡, more than 70 cm.

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