How tall chandelier factory droplight sitting room installation height is analysed is appropriate

by:Rongde     2020-08-28
From the data of the theory of droplight installation height how many meters is suitable? In general droplight distance between the ground two point two meters to 3 meters is a more appropriate value. If there are any special cases can be one point nine meters to two point two meters. How much a family install droplight installation height is just right there are many reasons to decide. One of the most important is the height of the building, the house of our country in general is two meters in six to three meters high between the two. If your house less than two meters high 6, then I suggest you had better not install droplight. When install droplight ideal height is around three meters of the room, because it can use a long rope, highlights the aesthetic feeling. But reason according to individual be fond of, two meters six house also can use chandeliers, pendant lamp factory just need to wire clipping part is ok. Install droplight secondly also need the height of his family members into consideration, if your family has a height of more than one meter nine, the length of the wire is not too long. So as not to appear in later life together or stretch out his hand to play to the chandelier. The installation height can make the room appears more bright light and warmth. Now most of the commercial housing layer is generally low, about two meters nine, if install droplight sitting room, a lot of owners feel lamp hang is too short to stretch out his hand and he touched. Actually it's just an intuition, droplight sitting room is not only the means of lighting, as well as decorative, if hang is too high, adornment sex is abate, instead because droplight of technological details to present the beauty of the sitting room, writes a closer, feeling too more, on the other hand is the luminous efficacy, hang too high, the photosynthetic efficiency is not necessarily good, so install droplight sitting room, to pursue the right height, in general, droplight sitting room on the ground, from 1. 8 m - 2 meters, table lamp, 0. 85 meters to zero. 95 meters, its photosynthetic efficiency and adornment sex, will be better, as long as no more than the height, the general to the effect of warm and comfortable. Big droplight is installed on the structure layer, such as floor, roof and bottom chord beam, small droplight is often installed in the shelf shed or reinforcing joist, whether a single or combination of droplight droplight, were made by a complete production lamps factory, the difference is that a single pendent lamp can be installed directly, combine droplight to be installed after the combination or combination. For large area and strip lighting, we adopt derrick suspension in the form of light boxes and lighting fixtures. Bright and comfortable atmosphere in light helps to get along with pleasure, when leisure visual ease the burden on the eyes in different periods and can also meet other requirements. Therefore, household lighting on choose collocation of the sitting room have a certain skill.
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