How much house is suitable for installation of the sitting room space, wrought iron chandelier?

by:Rongde     2020-08-27
Must first know what's the area houses, how high, to choose the right meimei, wrought iron chandelier, finish the decoration of the bedroom, so how to calculate the sitting room, wrought iron chandelier, how old do right? Generally there are three factors, one is the size of the sitting room, the second is how much is the height of the sitting room, three is the power, wrought iron chandelier. The first two factors are easy to understand, wrought iron chandelier, power, lamp is used for lighting and decoration, according to the size of the room and to achieve a brightness. To calculate the luminous intensity of the sitting room, wrought iron chandelier and quantity. For the installation of the sitting room, wrought iron chandelier naturally is inseparable from the following related materials, such as: wood, aluminum alloy sheet or shaped, steel on this to support components, there are some parts such as screws, rivets, nails, adhesives, lamps and lanterns of finished products, etc. , without the tools: electric hammer, electric curve saw, paint brush, hand according to, like rulers, pliers, hammers, screw, etc. Wrought iron chandelier installation height should be slightly more than the eye level 1. About eight meters high. Wall lamp of illumination shoulds not be too large, it is full of artistic appeal, the wall lamp chimney should be selected according to the wall color, white or yellow walls, appropriate USES the chimney of shallow green, light blue, light green and the sky blue walls, appropriate is used the chimney of milky white, pale yellow, dark brown, so, in a large area of color background wall cloth, a visible wall lamp on the ornament, give a person with elegant and pure and fresh feeling. Installing a sitting room, wrought iron chandelier, connect the sitting room should choose light color, light wire is easy to agree with the wall color coated coating, to maintain the cleanliness of the wall. In addition, you can dig a on the wall just embedded wire slot, embedded in the wire, with lime fill and level up, besmear again the same as the wall color coating. General use experience to estimate. Because not special requirements for lighting space must be no calculation. It is mainly used to emphasize a kind of atmosphere, the meaning of the lighting is not big. General lighting power of 100 w is enough. Higher the sitting room is the best choose, wrought iron chandelier, if you don't want to be in the upper attic, don't directly installed on the roof, can choose bigger diameter, wrought iron chandelier, now a lot of wrought iron chandelier have highly automatic adjustment function, will hang lamp, wrought iron chandelier bottom from the ground commonly 2 meters. When the building is condole top inlay, wrought iron chandelier, requires clear height of the building must be in 2. More than 7 meters, or occupy floor or floor tile 10 centimeters, condole to take up to 15 cm, long life in the environment of low, will produce depressive feeling. Embed dome light lamp tube mostly use metal reflective cup, when look up very dazzling, installation of dome light of the area of the sitting room should be in more than 25 square meters. To above ground lamp light can illuminate and dropped down from the reflex on the ceiling. In this way, the light of whole sitting room is bright and not dazzling, no matter rest or watch TV is the preferred source.
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